Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Crafty Sunday!

It may have been Superbowl Sunday yesterday for football fans, but for me and my 3 granddaughters, it was Super Crafty Sunday!  I had made up some Valentine card kits for the girls and they thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table colouring the images and putting the cards together.  I bought an oversize makeup bag that I filled with the kits, ribbon flowers and embellishments, ink & stamps. I used to bring everything to them in a plastic bag but the makeup bag is so much better. Here are the pictures I took:

Brooke - 5 1/2 

Sierra - 7 1/2

Showing off the cards they made with Mommy

Sierra's card - Orange hair really??

Brooke's card

I brought along some flowers and punched out hearts.  The inside of the card has the sentiment "It would stink if you weren't my Valentine.  Their father was cooking an awesome Superbowl supper while the girls were busy making their cards.  He made a point of telling them how to spell Daddy with the hopes of receiving one of the cards.  Brooke informed him that her card was going to her BFF - a little girl in her kindergarten class.  

Amber - 27 months - was having a nap while the older girls were getting creative.  When she woke up from her nap, she needed some cuddles from Mommy before she made her card.

Isn't she adorable?

Amber's card.
Amber had a little bit of help from Mommy & I but she enjoyed making this card.  

Amber's 2nd card

Amber made a 2nd card as well.  The older girls had gone down to the basement to play with Opa and will make this card another time.  I had already done the stamping for them but Amber placed them on the card all by herself.    The last time Opa and I were at their house, Amber came up to me and said, "Make card?"  I hadn't brought anything with me that time but I think I'll keep that large make up bag stocked with card kits, some ribbon, scissors, stamped images, coloured pencils, and embellishments.  


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