Sunday, January 24, 2010

More 2009 faves!

The card and matching gift box was made for my daughter for Mother's Day.  I have yet to make the bracelet with her daughter's names to put in the gift box.  I am planning on making a 2 strand bracelet for her.  Hopefully I will get the bracelet made before this years' Mother's Day.

This card was made for a blogging friend who is a cross stitcher; sings in a choir and was also born in the Netherlands.  I used a cuttlebug folder for the embossing and stamped the flower portion of the tulip image twice and popped it up over the original image.  I had the music note charm in my stash.  I also used a Nestibilities dye that the image is stamped on.  The recipient was quite pleased with the card.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some of my favourite cards and projects from 2009.

Card for my granddaughter Brooke

Heart shaped chocolate popsicles that I embellished with the Heart Nestibility from Spellbinders.  They were a big hit with my 2 granddaughters.

Valentine Card for my daughter.


Valentine card for my son who loves music.

Card for my other granddaughter, Sierra.

Another valentine card.

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Update on me

I  felt great all day yesterday and managed to get through the day without napping in the afternoon.  Today I had planned on doing all the laundry that has piled up but only managed to get 4 loads done.  At 4 p.m. I could not keep my eyes open longer and had a power nap that lasted for an hour and 15 minutes.  I then had some supper but now I feel like I could just crawl right back into bed.  It is only 7 p.m. right now so going to bed this early is not a very good idea.  I would be wide awake and raring to go by 2 a.m.   I am still hoping to start back to work tomorrow but doubt very much I will last the entire shift.  The Dr. told me I would have spells of exhaustion and feeling very tired until the end of the month.  Luckily this is a somewhat slow time of year at work and my boss is OK with the fact I might not last the entire day.  The Dr. told me not to push myself too hard or I would end up being sick again.  I don't think that the insurance company who will be paying my short term disability would be very happy with me if I had another extended sick leave from work.

My next post will highlight the cards and projects I made in 2009 that I am the most pleased with.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I`m back!

Without going into a lot of detail, I just wanted to let everyone know that I spent a week in the hospital with Right Upper Lobe Pneumonia.  Not a pleasant experience at all!  I became ill on Thursday, Dec. 31 and was admitted to the hospital on January 3rd.  I should have gone sooner but I did not realize just how sick I really was.  I thought I had pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve.  I will be going to my family Dr. for follow up care but do not know as yet when I will be able to go back to work again.  I feel that the Lord has given me a 2nd chance and have now quit smoking.  I had my last cigarette on Jan. 2nd in the morning and barely smoked it as it left me gasping for air.  With my Dr.`s help, my family`s and friend`s and coworker`s support and encouragement I have no intentions of  smoking anymore.  I was amazed that I did not have a craving for nicotine while in the hospital but I was drinking a lot of water and juices which I`m sure flushed a lot of the nicotine out of my system.

I`ve been given a 2nd chance to change my life style and intend to live long enough to celebrate many more wedding anniversaries with Opa and to watch my 2 granddaughters grow into beautiful young women.

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