Thursday, May 8, 2008

What to do, what to do.

When I was at my DD's house about 2 weeks ago, we got to talking about cross stitch. She said her friends who stitch do not have any framed pieces hanging in their houses. I only have 1 and have a lot of UFO's that I would like to complete and eventually frame. I made a Hinzeit charmed golf for her hubby cuz he likes golfing. I even bought the frame for it and had it framed. The frame was not cheap. I don't think it is hanging up in their house. I was left with the impression that she thought that cross stitch was a waste of time as no one bothers getting them framed anyway. I told her that a lot of people stitch small designs and make ornaments or pin keeps or pin cushions (biscornus) and others stitch small designs and make greeting cards.

I have finished a design for Sierra, her daughter and still need to get it framed. I have a picture of it, but as I took it with a cheap digital camera, the picture is terrible. I am currently working on one for Brooke her other daughter as well. I want to give the stitch pieces to them and am hoping that the girls will want to display them in their rooms. I feel sad that my stitched pieces may not be appreciated. I hope my daughter will have a change of heart and will display them in their rooms.

I will get both out and post a picture sometime this weekend. My camera's batteries need to be charged up.

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