Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Latest necklaces I made.

This necklace was made with pink and butterscotch glass pearls along with silver plated square and round spacers. I also added the swarovski crystal pendant to give it a bit of pizazz. This is a short necklace and can be worn with a scoop or v neck top. I am very pleased with how this necklace turned out and received many compliments from people at work the 1st time I wore it.
I got the inspiration for this necklace from an online bead store that has lots of ideas. The necklace on the website did not have the swarovski pendant. The name of this necklace is Dawn's Early Light. Please contact me if you would like to order one. The cost is $35.00 CAD.

The same website mentioned above also had this idea. I added the swarovski heart pendant just to make the necklace a little more interesting. Just as the necklace pictured above, this necklace is short and can be worn with a scoop or v-neck top. It is made with freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal beads and 2 mm silver beads. I have also received compliments from my coworkers when I've worn it to work. I am seriously thinking of making a matching bracelet. This necklace was more expensive because of all the swarovski crystal beads but well worth it IMHO. Please contact me if you would like to order one. The cost is $50.00 CAD.
Here is a close up of the necklace pictured above.

I love, love this necklace. It is made with genuine carnelian gemstone beads in 2 sizes along with silver bead caps and silver celtic design rectangular beads. Again, I got the idea from an online bead store but again, added my own personal touch with the swarovski flower pendant. This necklace was expensive to make and if I was to make another one for someone I would have to charge at least $50 - 75.00 as the carnelian gemstone beads and the rectangular beads are not cheap. I could make this necklace as short or as long as you would like it to be. I will be making a matching bracelet as well. I would charge $35.00 for the bracelet. The 1st time I wore this necklace to work, one of the ladies who works at the Tim Horton's store in our building went absolutely nuts and wanted me to make her one - that is, until I told her how much I would need to charge her. She knows well made and good jewellery when she sees it but I guess my price was a bit too much for her. She admires a lot of my necklaces and bracelets and is always asking if I am working on any new designs. Here is a close up of the carnelian necklace. This necklace looks stunning on a beige or white top.

Here is the full version of Dawn's Early Light.
You can see a lot of the jewellery I've made here:


Just Janice said...

You need to open an etsy shop - I can start ya off and drive traffic to your etsy shop by hosting a give-away with one of your cheaper bracelets. I'll buy it off of you and have a give-away.

Beatrice said...

Those are very pretty.
Good jewelery is worth the price.
Good luck with sales.