Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another enjoyable Saturday

DH worked from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. so I drove to Milton to spend some time with my DD and my granddaughters. I don't know who was the happiest to see me - their dog, Molly or my grandchildren. DD was a single parent this week as her hubby was in Ireland on business. I have a feeling she was quite happy to have another adult to talk to today. We went to the Golden Arches for brekkie and let Sierra who is almost 3, play in their playland. There were other children in there as well. One little boy was quite interested in 10 month old Brooke. He looked so much like Brooke that he could have passed for her older brother. I think he was 4 years old and a real cutie. We then went to the mall and looked at bikes. I think DH & I will be buying Sierra a bike with training wheels for her 3rd birthday next month. She sat on the smallest size they had at Zellers and was able to reach the pedals quite easily. It comes in her favourite colour which is purple. I bought Sierra a Disney princess bouncy ball that she loves and we played with it after we came back to their house from the mall.
After lunch, I took Brooke upstairs and sat in the rocking chair with her, sang to her, and she fell asleep and slept for 2 hours. This is the 1st time since she was a baby that she would fall asleep for anyone other than her mother. It made me feel good knowing that she is comfortable enough with me to fall asleep as easily as she did. It made my daughter feel good too, knowing she can now go out and not have to worry if Brooke will fall asleep for me. I think she is already planning a night out with her DH when I can come over to baby sit.
In the afternoon, DH came over and we all sat outside on the deck. It was warm enough back there to take off our sweaters. Sierra had a blast picking dandelions.
My SIL arrived home and Sierra was overjoyed to see him as was Brooke. After dinner, Sierra fell asleep and my SIL was very tired from his long trip so DH and I came home. All in all it was a very good day and we did not get as much rain as they were calling for.

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