Friday, May 9, 2008

I love this site

I love reading Dutch Cross stitch blogs and since I don't read or write or for that matter, even understand Dutch all that well any more, I've been using this site to do the translations for me. I just copy and paste and have it translated into English. When I've left comments, I use the translator and then copy and paste the comments in Dutch.

Ik houd van lezend Nederlandse Dwarssteek blogs en sinds I don' t las of schrijft of voor die kwestie, begrijp zelfs Nederlands dat alles goed meer, I' ve die deze plaats gebruikt om de vertalingen voor me te doen. Ik kopi�ër en kleef en heb het enkel vertaald in het Engels. Wanneer I' ve verlaten commentaren, gebruik ik dan de vertaler en kopi�ër en kleef de commentaren in het Nederlands.


Beatrice said...

Hi Anna.
I read back on your blogs this week that you are doing some translating...hmmm.
I can read the dutch and can write a few words ..but thats it.
I can also still speak it..With an English word in here and there.
I love your stitching and
I wanted to tell you that I too loved Keukenhof park. I haven't been there in years but remember it fondly.
Take care.

Vera said...

Anna, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving that wonderful comment! Nederlands is mijn moedertaal en ik was aangenaam verrast toen ik je bio las. My American husband also uses sites like these to communicate with my parents in Belgium, even though he learned a little bit of Dutch while he was over there!