Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good news

My SIL Kathy came out of her coma yesterday. The doctors are still at a loss to explain what happened to her. Their speculation is that aside from being under a lot of stress that she may have caught a cold and that the cold is somehow cutting off the oxygen to her brain but this is all speculation. When she came out of the coma; she was shown pictures of her youngest grandchild and did not know who she was. When she was told it was her youngest son's child; she asked who his wife was.

Her youngest son left for Australia on Thursday and will be there for a year. This has also caused her stress.

I was so happy to know that our prayers were answered and that Kathy will be OK. I just hope and pray that this never happens to her again.


Dianne said...

So glad to hear your SIL is out of her coma!!

Dianne said...

Oma I have left you a little something on my blog

Mina said...

thats wonderful news....Im so pleased for you and your family xxx