Sunday, May 17, 2009

2 Cuties amongst the flowers

Yesterday, Opa and Janice and I took Brooke and Sierra to the Milton Farmers Market. We bought popcorn and humungous chocolate croissants. I managed to get a good picture of the girls admiring the sunflowers. Janice and Rob had a wedding to go to in the afternoon, so Opa and I babysat. Sierra has a cold and was not feeling all that well. Brooke, Sierra and I all had a nap in the afternoon. Brooke spent most of the day playing with her dolls (she's such a good mommy) or playing with cars, busses and trucks; but Sierra spent most of the time watching Treehouse TV as she was not feeling well. The girls both ate a good dinner and I gave Brooke a bath and Sierra had a shower before bed. They both went to bed quite easily without any fuss. We will be babysitting again in 2 weeks time as Janice and Rob have another wedding to go to.

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Queenie said...

Busy day and wow those sunflowers are huge.2 little cuties!!

Marie said...

How adorable! Sounds like a good life!
Marie with a :-)