Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Home Herb!

DH had his ankle fusion surgery on Friday. He was in a lot pain Friday evening but as the days wore on, his pain lessened. I was able to get a wheel chair for him yesterday and took him outside for a bit. He had a big smile for me today when I walked into his hospital room shortly before 11 a.m. and said, "I can go home!" He refers to the hospital as the pill popping palace (can you tell he hates taking any kind of pain pills)? He had a morphine pump at his bedside and was able to give himself doses of morhine when the pain became intolerable. The morphine made him very sleepy and woozy so he was happy when he did not need it any more.

He is on an antibiotic and was also given a prescription for percoset that he told me not to get filled. I got the antibiotic for him and also bought him some Shopper's Drug Mart brand extra strength Ibuprofen to help him sleep at night. On a scale of 1 - 10 he described his pain as follows: Friday before surgery it was a 6, Friday evening after surgery it was a 12 1/2 (extremely painful), Saturday it was a 9, yesterday it was a 4 - 6 and today it is a 2.

He had a short nap this afternoon while I was out getting groceries. His sister brought over a wheel chair for him so that I will be able to take him out for coffee or a walk around the block. He is not allowed to put any weight on his ankle for several weeks but walking with crutches tires a person out very quickly, not to mention how awkward it is.
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Kathy A. said...

glad to hear your DH is home and doing well.

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