Saturday, July 5, 2008

DH and his right ankle

DH has been diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis in his right ankle. He had been scheduled to undergo an ankle fusion on Oct. 31, but was called yesterday that it has been rescheduled for July 11th. He is happy that he won't have to wait until Oct. and will not have to have the Cortisone shot that was booked for July 10th. He will have a very long recovery period. He will be in a cast and on crutches for 6 weeks and then will be in a walking cast for another 6 weeks. His ankle gets very swollen by the end of the day and he has been in a lot of pain for several months. He has a very high pain tolerance and has been going to work. Just this past week he was asked to drive a sit down fork lift as his employer thought it would be easier for him, but just stepping on and off the fork lift has given him pain.

DH is tall - 6'1" and I always had to walk fast to keep up to his long stride. Now, he has to ask me to slow down so he can keep up with me!

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staci said...

That's good news that your husband won't have to wait so long for his surgery...I wish him well.