Friday, July 18, 2008

I can't believe

that I forgot to post about our wedding anniversary! How sad is that? I guess after 36 years, it's no big deal anymore. I didn't even make or buy him a card. He had a good excuse for not buying me a card as it would have been kinda difficult for him to get to a store on crutches.

DH was running a fever on Monday night and was not feeling well so I stayed home with him on Tuesday as I was concerned that he might take a sudden turn for the worse while I was at work. He felt a lot better in the morning and by lunch time he felt well enough and wanted to get out so we drove to the mall for lunch and then went to Swiss Chalet for dinner.

Our son Mike came to the house on Tuesday evening and he has been taking excellent care of his father this week. He makes him his tea, lunch and last night, a friend of his came over and cooked dinner with Mike's help. Mike has also taken him to the mall and for walks around the block with the wheelchair we borrowed from my SIL.

We are looking forward to tomorrow when my daughter, Janice along with Sierra and Brooke are planning to visit. Herb is really looking forward to seeing his granddaughters. It was Janice's BD on the 10th and we plan to take her to the mall so she can buy herself a BD gift with the mall gift certificate Herb has for her.


Claudia Rosa said...

thanks for leaving me a message on my blog:-)
I will draw a winner of stamps from the ladies how subcribet to my blog. Dear Oma i wish you good luck

staci said...

Happy be-lated Anniversary! Glad that your hubby's surgery went well and that he seems to be recovering well too :)

Barbara said...

36 years?! Happy anniversary!!