Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm still here!

I have made 4 cards and some valentine goodie boxes.  Unfortunately, I do not have my camera here.  My DD went on a trip to Hawaii with her hubby and Amber and needed a camera as hers is broken so I loaned her mine.  I am hoping to get it back next weekend.  They are now on their way home from Ottawa.  Sierra and Brooke spent some time with grandma in Ottawa while Janice & Amber tagged along with hubby on his business trip to Honolulu.  Here is a picture of them in Honolulu that Janice sent me:

The blue thing on the side of her head is a flower.
I am really looking forward to getting my camera back and uploading all the pictures she took while in Hawaii!

Here is another pic she sent me:

I think my daughter is gorgeous, don't you?  It took them 17 hours to go from Ottawa to Honolulu.  They flew from Ottawa to Calgary and then after a 4 hr. layover, they flew to Honolulu. On the way back, they flew to Vancouver and then on to Ottawa.  When the plane was ascending in Calgary; they encountered some turbulence.  My daughter was freaked out and scared shitless but Amber just sat there and giggled the entire time!  My daughter is like me, not too fond of flying in an airplane.   Amber was an excellent traveller and spent her nap times under a palm tree on the beach.

I was able to talk to Janice several times via Skype video which was awesome.  Janice was also able to talk to Sierra and Brooke via Skype.  They were really good for their grandma and there were only a few times when the tears flowed.  When they saw Janice, Amber and Rob again, they were more interested in what Mommy and Daddy bought for them in Hawaii - Kids!

I hope they have a safe trip driving home today from Ottawa to Milton which is normally a 5 hr. trip but will probably take longer due to breast feeding Amber, food and pottie breaks.  I missed them while they were away and can't wait to see them again next weekend.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh yeah! she is definitely gorgeous!!! and that little one is just darling!

all that traveling is what keeps me away from hawaii! sure looks like they're having fun.

hope you are well and everything is good.

hugs :)

Oliva said...

Your daughter is beautiful and you have adorable grandchildren!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Good luck!

Percy said...

your daughter is beautiful, and her children are beautiful as well! What a beautiful family you have! Good she had an opportunity to get some warm weather...!

Lee said...

Yep she is Beautiful and all the family are.xx