Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time spent with a friend, is time well spent.

On Sunday, August 9th; I drove almost 3 hours to London, Ontario to spend a few days with my BFF; Jeanine. Jeanine and I have known each other since we were 9 years old and became best friends. When I was almost 11; my family moved but we kept in touch by letters. We did not see each other again until we were both 20 years old. Since then, we have seen each other 1 - 3 times a year. I have attended the weddings of all of her 4 children.

On Sunday evening, we drove to Jeanine's Sister-in-law's (Carol) to attend a baby shower for Jeanine's daughter Janelle where this picture was taken. I am on the left and Jeanine is on the right. While at the shower, I enjoyed talking to Janelle's inlaws as well as reconnecting with some of Jeanine's Sister-in-laws. Whenever we go to Jeanine's house, it is not unusual for us to visit with Jeanine's family as most of them live within an easy driving distance from each other. Jeanine's husband Bert has a lot of his brothers and sisters living nearby and he and Jeanine can easily walk to 2 of them. They live out in the country near Lucan, Ontario which is about a half hour drive north of London.

Janelle will be going into the hospital tonight to be induced tomorrow. She has had some issues with high blood pressure. Her actual due date is August 22nd. I will be sitting on pins and needles tomorrow waiting for a phone call from Jeanine to find out if Janelle had a boy or girl and all the other details (weight & length).

On Monday, Jeanine's younger sister, Bernadette joined us and was our chauffeur for the day. She drove us to Bayfield which was about an hour's drive. Bayfield is on Lake Huron and is a touristy type town. We had a nice lunch there and poked around all the stores. Jeanine bought me a stainless steel heart shaped pendant with a clear crystal for my birthday which was on Saturday, Aug. 8th.

We found this old tree in town and 2 ladies were more than happy to take our picture with it. Bernadette is a bit younger than Jeanine and I but I also played with her as a child.

This next picture shows Jeanine's children's garden which is located behind her house. The rocks in front have all her grandchildren's names and date of birth engraved on them.

On Tuesday, Jeanine and I drove to London to a mall where I bought myself a new navy blue purse to replace the purse that was being held together with electrical tape. Jeanine also bought herself a new pair of Croc sandals and changed into them at lunch in the food court. Unfortunately, she left her old sandals behind and did not notice it until we were back at her house. After lunch we drove to a Nail store and I treated the 2 of us to a manicure and pedicure.
It was a fun 2 1/2 days together and we hope to be able to do this again soon. It would have been nice to spend more time together but I had to drive back to Toronto on Tues. eve. as I had a Dr.'s appointment for a physical yesterday morning. Opa and Jeanine's husband Bert have also become great friends and enjoy spending time together.

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

how nice to see "old" friends and spend some wonderful moments making more memories! and Oma..... SMILE!!!! you ladies are all beautiful and thanks so much for sharing!


Frazzled Crafts said...

So glad Oma that you are enjoying yourself and the weather looks great. A bit of shopping is also good therapy but most of all visiting old friends. Unfortunately mine are scattered all round the world including my relatives so I only get to see them once in a blue moon, and when I do there's always a few more additions to the family. Love the photo by the tree - you all are great pals and it's depicted in the picture. Liz x

Myrt said...

Hi Oma - so glad you had a nice visit with your BFF in London. Your pictures are lovely - as lovely as the ladies in the pictures. Thanks for sharing some fun days with us.