Monday, June 1, 2009

Why I can't make cards in the evenings:

I have an L shaped living room/dining room. My stamping studio is the dining room table. I wanted to make Sierra's card but when I walked into the dining room, this sight greeted my eyes:


If I was to start making cards, the noise would wake him up (he's an extremely light sleeper) and he would get annoyed with me for disturbing him. He must be really tired tonight as he never woke up at all when I took this picture. Even the flash didn't wake him up! He has been "napping" for the last 45 minutes or so. His cup of tea is sitting on the end table and when he wakes up, he will pop it into the microwave to heat it up so he can drink it. In his defense, he is just getting over a nasty cold and went to a walk in clinic on Saturday and the Dr. put him on an antibiotic as his ears were starting to bother him. He has been taking a lot of naps for the last week and a half due to his cold. Only he will tell you he was "just resting my eyes" or "I was examining the inside of my eyelids." His naps generally last any where from 10 minutes to an hour. I would find it very difficult to sleep at night if I napped every evening. When I am sick or very tired, I will go to bed earlier but on the weekends, I sometimes have a nap in the afternoon that usually last 1 1/2 - 3 hours. I cannot power nap the way Opa does.

He just woke up and has popped his tea into the microwave so I guess I can get started on that card now!

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Anonymous said...

aww bless him, hope he feels better. My dad naps all the time & then still snores all night & keeps my mum awake, but she can't sleep through the day to catch up. Oh the things women do for their men!! If that was my hubby he'd be snoring like a grizzly bear!! x x

Suzie Q said...

Awww I have one of those at home, but unfortunately he doesn't have a cold he just loves sleeping and luckily for us we could have a brass band and he still wouldn't wake up!! ha ha