Thursday, June 25, 2009

PJ Day

I love spending the day in my pj's but not when I am not feeling well. On June 9th while on vacation in Collingwood; I woke up in the morning lying on my stomach. I cannot lie on my stomach in bed without getting an extremely sore lower back. The only relief I had was when I was up and moving around. It even hurt to sit down. I made sure (with the use of pillows) that I stayed on my side to sleep the rest of the week. I thought that was the end of my back pain. On Saturday, I again woke up lying on my stomach and again had a really sore back. My back was sore all weekend and on Monday I went to work armed with a supply of Ibuprofen and managed to get through the day. On Tuesday I went to work but ended up coming home early as I just could not sit for any length of time at all even though I had taken some Ibuprofen. The back pain had gotten much worse and it would start in the middle of my lower back and was radiating to my hips in front and my skin was very itchy. I thought I had pulled a muscle and it had gotten inflammed. As soon as I got home; I called to make an appt. with my family doctor but the earliest appt. time they could give me is for tomorrow (Friday) at 12:15 p.m. I was in so much pain that my hubby took me to a walk in clinic when he came home from work. The Dr. twisted and turned my legs; had me bend over etc. I told her my skin was very itchy. As soon as I said that; she wanted to know if I had ever had shingles. I told her that I had shingles 3 1/2 years ago and that it was very painful. Long story short; she diagnosed my pain as being postherpedic neuralgia which a lot of people who have had shingles get long after they have recuperated from shingles. Postherpedic neuralgia is an irritation of the nerves of sensation caused by the shingles virus and it can come back at any time even as in my case several years later. She gave me a prescription and it has helped but I am still in pain and cannot sit for very long. The medication also makes me sleepy and I had two 2 hr. naps yesterday and since I just took another pill recently; I can feel another nap coming on.
I will see my family doctor tomorrow and hopefully will be able to go back to work on Monday.

I made a card (standing up) as I was too sore to sit but it took me a lot longer than usual to make the card. I will post it here on my blog soon.

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Linda said...

Take care of yourself and hope you feel better real soon! Hugs, Linda

staci said...

I'm so sorry that you are in such discomfort! Hoping that the medication works wonders and you're feeling much better!!!

Martha said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Dianne said...

Hope you have started to feel better now Oma.