Monday, October 27, 2008

Update on DH

Herb has come to the conclusion that he won't be able to curl this year. He had paid for it in advance and the curling club was kind enough to refund him his money minus a small admin. fee. His ankle is coming along nicely and the Dr. told him the bones have fused together and that for a man his age he is progressing very well. He takes the cast off at home sometimes and is walking around the house without it on. He says the ankle is still tender and sore but not as bad as pre-surgery which is good. He now works 4 hours a day and will be working 6 hours a day beginning next week Monday. He still gets short term disability as well as his pay so now he is getting a full week's pay which is good. He is still working light duty and will not be able to work his regular job until he can do without the cast and can get his safety shoes on. The ankle and foot are still a bit swollen so it is impossible for him to wear a shoe or safety shoe.

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