Monday, August 25, 2008

Mobile at last!

He is happy that he does not need the crutches or the wheelchair anymore but as his ankle is still a bit tender, he is using a walking cane just to give him a bit of stability. He is not sure if he can drive as yet. He wants to take the car out for a spin around the block sometime before the end of the week. His ankle is a lovely shade of purple with a few surgical scars. His skin is very dry and flaky. He takes the cast off for sleeping and showering. Yay! He can finally have a shower! Woo Hoo! He inflates it when he puts it on and deflates it to take it off.

Here is the information I got off the web on his cast:

FP Walker™ (foam pneumatic)
The FP Walker provides full-shell protection with pneumatic support. Each FP Walker has a low rocker sole for added comfort and ease of ambulation, and a wider foot base with plenty of room for dressings without sacrificing comfort. With the patient in mind, the valve placement has been relocated to improve compliance and ease of inflation. As with all Aircast Walking Braces, the FP Walker has a lightweight, durable, semi-rigid shell that supports the limb while providing protection. Housed within the shell are two adjustable aircells that provide compression and support the malleoli. These aircells can be individually inflated using the hand bulb (included) for a customized fit and optimal comfort and support. Changes in limb dimension can easily be accommodated throughout the healing process by adjusting aircell inflation to ensure stability and immobilization. Walking Brace Extension Staps are available to increase the strap length by 4" (10 cm).
Product Features and Benefits
Low rocker sole offers enhanced comfort and promotes natural ambulation
Wide foot base provides ample room for dressings
Improved ergonomic design for ease-of-use and increased compliance
Semi-rigid shell and adjustable aircells provide secure support and protection
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Just Janice said...

Yay daddy! We can't wait to go for a walk with you!