Thursday, August 14, 2008

And the countdown begins!

DH will have a walking cast put on his ankle on Aug. 25th. He has already arranged to ride in the golf cart the following day with the guys he normally golfs with on Tuesday mornings. He has already paid his curling fees and is looking forward to being able to Curl again this winter. He has been going a little stir crazy sitting at home. At least for the last week or so, he has been able to watch the Olympics. I`ll be happy when he gets the walking cast - he will be able to do a lot more things for himself then. I won`t have to push him around in the wheelchair when we go out. We probably would have gone to more events this summer but it is hard to push him in a wheelchair where there are crowds of people. Even though a lot of places are wheelchair friendly, when there is a crowd of people, you have to be very careful you don`t run into someone`s heels.

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Just Janice said...

Yay! 10 more days! I hope that daddy is able to walk in the walking cast - he may have a bit of a shock over how much strength he's lost in his immobilized leg, and how awkward it truly is to walk in a walking cast.