Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spent this morning-------

Going out for breakfast at the Golden Arches. DH wanted hot cereal for breakfast, but I had a craving for an egg mcmuffin. I only had to mention it once, and he was half way out the door! I was prepared to pay but he gallantly paid for our breakfast. After we ate, we went outside to drink our coffee on McDonald's patio.

We both pitched in and gave both cars a good cleaning inside. He has now left with my car to get the outside washed at the car wash. I still have laundry to do and am not sure what I will be doing this afternoon other than going out to buy some hair spray. DH is planning to meet his BIL to hit a few golf balls at the driving range this evening at 7 p.m.

Had a great day yesterday. We went to visit my DD, SIL and Sierra and Brooke. We spent almost the entire time outside with them and took them to the park. They are both at such a fun age. Sierra sometimes cracks us up and loves to tease her Opa. (NO, that's my chair!). Brooke is trying very hard to stand up and loves being "walked around." She gets around by scooting on her butt. My nickname for her is "scuttle butt" but DD calls her Scooter. Got home fairly early, we were both tired from spending so much time out in the fresh air.


Just Janice said...

You can come over and clean my car out next weekend if you're feeling ambitious....

Oma said...

Hmmm, isn't your mil coming over?