Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some jewellery pieces I've made

Beaded Jewellery 015

Bought some focal beads and managed to find the smaller beads that matched the colour nicely. I really like this set but don't wear it very often.

Beaded Jewellery 016

I have made and sold some Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets. I have not mastered making earrings as yet and bought the earrings at a craft sale. I made the choker and wear it when I wear the bracelet and earrings.

Beaded Jewellery 027

I like to wear this necklace with tan coloured slacks and top.

Beaded Jewellery 029

One of my first attempts at making jewellery and I think it turned out rather nice.

Oma bracelet

Bracelet with Sierra's and Brooke's initials.

Vision in Pink - Closeup

This is actually a choker and I really like this necklace. Michaels is the only store where I have found the tiger eye beads with the clear swarovski crystals imbedded in them. Made with silver beads and swarovski crystal beads and tiger eye beads.

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