Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just call me .........

A craft enabler!  Yesterday morning Opa and I looked after Sierra and Brooke so Mommy & Daddy could go shopping and out for a nice relaxing lunch.  I brought a Christmas card kit with me along with some stamps and inks.  While Opa kept Brooke entertained downstairs; Sierra and I made 3 Christmas cards together at the dining room table.

1 for her other grandma; 1 for her other grandpa and 1 for Mommy and Daddy.  She had a blast!  She picked the cards from the kit she wanted to make and I helped her with them.  We added some snowflake stamps; a christmas tree and sentiments along with some rubons that were in the kit and some other rubons I had. It didn't take Sierra very long to learn how to clean the stamps and she also made sure the stamp pads would not dry out by putting the lids back on right away.

I took some pics of Sierra with the cards but unfortunately; my camera is in the car and Opa has the car right now.  I will have to wait until he gets back with the car to upload them so I can show you.

Brooke is like her Mom in that she just wants to go, go, go and has a very short attention span.  Sierra; on the other hand; is more like me in that she enjoys making things with her hands.  She will be getting lots of crafty stuff from Oma for Christmas.  I plan to cut; emboss and edge punch some card stock for her and will also be giving her some patterned papers.  She has some child proof washable ink pads along with some stamps and I am looking forward to spending more time with her making cards for her friends and family.

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