Sunday, March 1, 2009

Great day yesterday.

This is Sierra and her Daddy at the Milton fair last fall.

I had a great time yesterday. DH & I drove to Milton and had a waffle breakfast with my daughter and Sierra and Brooke. We then drove to St. Jacob's in 2 cars and the kids had a blast with Opa at the Lego Store while my Dd & I went shopping. Both DD & myself bought some Lego for the girls. Mine will be a gift for Sierra when she celebrates her 4th birthday in June. We all had an ice cream cone for a snack and then went our separate ways. DH, my daughter and the girls went back to Milton and I went into the town of St. Jacob's and shopped at The Scrapping Turtle. I bought some stamps and embellishments there. On the way back to Milton; I stopped in at the Herrschner's store in Kitchener and bought some more embellishments and 2 punches.

When I arrived in Milton; everyone was happy to see me again and I then spent the next hour or so playing with Sierra and her new Lego that she got from her Mommy. We also played house and I was her child. At one point she informed me that she had a baby in her tummy and that she would have the baby in 3 minutes! LOL She had the baby by spitting it out! I nearly pee'd my pants; as it was so funny! I also celebrated my 4th birthday and Sierra made me a Fairy Princess cake and my presents consisted of a scooter; a bike; a stuffed dog, stuffed cat and Lego! Wow! I really cleaned up on that birthday! While DD and Brooke went out shopping for Pizza and cookie mix - DH & I enjoyed having a tea party with Sierra. She warned us that we were not allowed to eat the muffin and cookie or drink our "tea" until everyone had been served. She even wiggled her finger at us as a warning!

Normally; Sierra spends most of her time with my DH when we come over but yesterday; it was all about me and she and I had a blast playing house and with her new Lego. She had lots of hugs and kisses for me. Friday evening when I was talking to my DD via Skype Video; Sierra ignored me and refused to talk to me. It bothered me but I knew that eventually she would come around again.

Sierra; Brooke and I made Chocolate Chip Cookies with the cookie mix that my DD bought and we enjoyed them for dessert after our Pizza supper. All in all it was a great day and I was pooped when I got home again and was in bed by 9:30 last night!

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Dianne said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!!
Lovely picture.

Janet said...

Oma, this is a great day. It sounds like you had so much fun and it makes me realize how much I miss my daughter and I playing house like that (she's now 21), but I know I'll be back at it when any of our children have babies. I just love the story about Sierra having a baby - it is so wonderful when children are so innocent :) Oh, to be 4 again. Have a great day !!